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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wrestling with Create Space, and Other Trials


Before I start I must mention the rather lovely campsite (above) that we stayed at in North Wales last weekend. Rynys, they call it. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from Betws y Coed and Bodnant Gardens. Clean, well ordered, spacious and scenic: yes, I recommend it.

It’s not been the best month so far. Since embarking on the epic tale of my drug-smuggler, black-marketeer and ex-con I seem to have spent most of the time trying – without much success – to impose a shape on a life that has more strands than you’d find in the Bayeux tapestry.

Unsurprisingly, I grow weary of combat with this hydra-headed monster from time to time and turn my attention to the ongoing process of getting The Red House On The Niobrara out as a real book – as opposed to an e-book. A couple of weeks ago I got as far as sending for a proof copy, which I then sent to a good friend for editing. That was money well spent: she discovered a distressing number of howlers. I suppose we’ve all been there: These errors can only have occurred within the very guts of the computer while I was sleeping! I’m afraid I still want to believe that that is the case, but…. Thank goodness for a diligent and very professional editor.

The next step, editing the files that one has submitted to Create Space, has so far proven beyond me. Every efforts so far has resulted in my re-submitting the unedited file. Submitting a file – be it new or old, and be the action deliberate or accidental – results in a nasty clanging sound as the process is frozen for twenty four hours while the wee demons at Create Space check it once more.

Ho hum. Later this morning I am going away and must wait another week before unravelling the mess. We’re heading to Looe Island, off the coast of Cornwall, there to spend a few nights in a tipi. Access is by boat, once a day when the tide is right. There’s no electricity, no running water, no buildings, no wi-fi or mobile signal, and no World Cup. Yes, that was a slip-up in the Planning Department, but one that may well be good for me. Watch out for a report this time next week


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