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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fixing leaks in the red house

View of the Niobrara from just above the red house
These cowboys need all the help they can get

Checking for leaks

Oscar and Chief, the ranch horses

Settling in. It's going to take a little time. As much as I'd thought about it, I still find it a bit of a shock to my system. Mostly, I am disorientated by being out of touch with people. Quite a few pictures today. We have the resident horses, Oscar (he''s white) and Chief. I've also put up a shot of the handsome young cattle in the pen, and another of a mother with a tiny calf, plus a general view of the approach to the red house. Everything here still looks wintry - as you can see from the general view over the hills. The grass is all crunchy under foot, last year's flowers too. The bare trees are mainly cottonwood, I think. I will have to start studying my Grassland Plants of South Dakota and the Northen Great Plains. I can get a phone signal within 600 yards or so of the house - an am delighted with that. The picture of the rising ground marks the spot. It's a bit like the old days when we had to walk to the local phone box clutching our four pennies. Now, how many cowboys does it take to fix a leak? See pictures above. Two, I guess, with a little feller in a dark hat to read out instructions - plus an official photographer to sound knowing and helpful. Afte some grunting in the cellar, and a little cussing, and some ingenuity mingled with brute force, I now have a flush toilet. No more trips to the woods with a sharp stick (I couldn't find a spade). I also have a shower - and am properly clean, first time since 0600h last Wednesday. And I can do those dishes. I'm having trouble getting my blogs uploaded from a memory stick, so this is typeed afrsh, on the hoof - otherwise it would've been a little more detailed. But I have to rush now and see to my bread dough, which I left in a warm spot.

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