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Friday, 26 August 2011

This will have to be brief, but I can’t resist offering my Tip of the Day:
If you fall to your knees – be it in exhaustion, surrender or an attitude of prayer – try not to fall on a patch of sand-burs….  It was bad enough yesterday having to abandon the vehicle in the sand; I could have done without pulling all those nasty little stickers out of my flesh.

Well anyway… I was up early this morning, before the sun, and managed to dig her out. The overnight rain made the going a little easier, and I managed – just – to get to the top. I’ll take the hint, and leave it there.

Matt came by this morning and dropped off a trailer laden with tin for the roof and associated bits and pieces. I expect the gang shortly.

Had another visitor yesterday evening, a bat. He kept buzzing me so I took the fly-swatter, knocked him down and put him outside. No sign this morning, so I’m assuming he got away. Unless he’s the one who awoke me at five, fluttering over my forehead.

Tomorrow, hangover permitting, I should have action shots of the work in progress. It’s another hot one, and muggy too.

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