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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Good old pc technology. Outlook Express advise you to send bunches of emails to Groups. So eager was I that, before attacking the morning porridge, or even getting dressed, I set up a Group, bunged in the addresses of 170 correspondents, and prepared to blitz the world with an update on the new e-book.
Ha! And again, ha! It bounced. And the reason it bounced? "Too Many Recipients". No wonder I swear a lot.
However, I calmed myself down, ate the porridge, then cut and pasted the text of the email... and here it is.
The Red House On The Niobrara now has an established presence on both sides of the Atlantic, and is selling.  It's currently at no. 17 in the UK kindle charts under "America"; no. 35 under "United States West". And in the USA it's no. 56 in "West". 
That may just be an initial flurry before it sinks to number 5,100,000 - like an old company history of mine recently did - but so long as it lasts it's encouraging.
IF you manage to read the first 30 pages (available as a free download via your pc) - well, of course it would be great if you dived in and made the purchase; however, if you would  post a review, that too would be a big help in getting the book established.
For UK readers here's a direct link to the book via
And for you Americans here's another to
P.S.  Why am I still eating porridge in April? I would usually have stopped by now. Unfortunately the weather remains wintry, so the home-made muesli project will wait for another week or two.

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