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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Announcing the publication of The Red House On The Niobrara

Not without a degree of trepidation, I announce that The Red House On The Niobrara is available for download as a kindle edition via amazon. The trepidation has to do with the fact that I am possibly breaking new ground here, in that the book contains 130 colour images to illustrate the text. These will come out as monochrome on the standard UK Kindle reader. Colour is available via the Kindle Fire reader in the US (and, surely, in Europe by the end of the year).  Meanwhile, you can download the Kindle Previewer and get the full-colour edition on your pc.  Alternatively, you can follow this link, which takes you through my website to a catalogue containing every photograph from the book:

There will shortly be an Apple edition of the book for the iPad/iPhone. All I have to do is get my new bank account up andrunning in the US, which should be accomplished within ten to twelve days. My friends at First National Bank of North Platte, NE, are sending me the forms I need to complete in order to resuscitate an old account there. That's all a bit of a nuisance, but Apple will not publish until they are assured that they can pay revenue into a US bank.

If you do manage to download the sample, and do decide thereafter to read the full piece, please be so kind as to post a review. Reviews are one of the best ways I have just now of spreading the word beyond the community of folk who know or know of  me.

I am now pressing on with two other projects (a) Mike Pannett's 'Yorkshire Cop in London' books, and (b) an editing job on what will be my next e-book. Toad's Road-Kill Cafe - and other stories from the Great Plains is an account of my 2001 trip up the 100th meridian from the Mexican border to the Canadian, and back.  Actully, there is a third job on my desk - a proof copy of Up Beat And Down Dale (due out in late July) which I have to read and correct by the end of next week. I am already aware of a couple of mistakes that have slipped in.

Right now, though, I think I shall go and have a lie-down. This is heady stuff.

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