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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Daily Telegraph article on Beat Icon Carolyn Cassady, Widow of Neal Cassady

Got to say I'm disappointed with the Daily Telegraph piece on Carolyn Cassady, which has resulted from my call two weeks ago (

What I was hoping for - pehaps naively - was a piece that shouted HELP!!! in large font, and maybe printed a picture of her as she is today: 89, frail, tiny and totally alone, her son John having been bounced at Heathrow by over-zealous Immigration Officers (or whatever they call them now).

Still, I guess that for the moment this will have to do.  I shall try talking to her Member of Parliament, whose contact details have been passed on to me.

I have more news, but will leave that until tomorrow. Busy right now remembering my days a a 14-year-old schoolboy  in a steam laundry....

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