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Monday, 29 October 2012

Mystery of Carolyn Cassady interview solved.

I've found out who conducted - and posted - the interview with Carolyn Cassady (  Fellow named Carl Stickley. I've been in touch with him this morning, just by email, asking what we can do.

To re-cap, here's what I have done so far:

Letter to Guardian, which appeared Monday 22 October
Letter to Home Secretary Theresa May (no reply) posted Monday 22 October
Letter to Carolyn's MP, Adam Afriyie, (no reply) posted Monday 22 Oct.
Letter to my MP, Roberta Blackman-Woods, posted Monday 22 Oct.

I had emailed those last two ten days previously, but received no reply at all.

I also emailed books page editors at the Independent (Boyd Tonkin) and Guardian (Claire Arnitstead) on  11 October. Nothing.

On Saturday I wrote to the  New York Times. That was a bit of a shot in the dark - but they had put up a major online feature on Jack Kerouac over the weekend. 

It's hard to know what else to do. I did email David Amram, the musician/composer/conductor who knows Carolyn (and knew Kerouac, Ginsberg, et al) and is heavily involved in the Kerouac House project. He replied in sympathetic tone but seemd at a loss to know who to go to.

Well, that's where it stands. If anybody out there has any ideas, do please let me know.

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