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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Carolyn Cassady latest.

Just a brief update on the Carolyn Cassady business. Last week, you may recall, I wrote to a clutch of Parliamentarians and a couple of literary editors in national newspapers.

So far I have had no reply from Carolyn’s Member of Parliament - despite two emails and a letter - although C tells me that someone from his office has called her. He claims to have sent her a letter which she says she has yet to receive; so he’s sending a copy to her.  She’s not hopeful; neither am I.

No reply either from the Home Secretary. That doesn’t really surprise me. But I have had a response from my local M.P. - or rather a Caseworker in her office.  She was at least sympathetic, but states that there is little she can do. "Parliamentary protocol dictates that Members of Parliament are unable to assist people who are not resident in their constituency….” She goes on to say that she's “extremely grateful to [me] for making her aware of the role [I] have played in trying to get help for Mrs Cassady and her son….”

She adds that “In cases such as this, it is often the voice of one person who can make the difference, and clearly Mrs Cassady and her son are lucky to have someone willing to fight their corner,” and she signs off by asking me to update her with any response I get from the Home Secretary. Not sure how lucky they are at all: I haven't exactly set the world ablaze yet.

So…net result so far, zilch. I am at a loss as to what to try next. I have sent a long email to the Beat Musuem in San Francisco. No reply at all, which I have to say is disappointing.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting an update on the new book, and re-visiting my admittedly offhand dismissal of Halloween as a lot of American nonsense. But before I can apologise… I think I need a good night’s sleep.

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