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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Oh no! Not strawberries again? Surely....

I can't resist a little crow of triumph, I'm afraid. After all the crop failures of last year, and some dismal results so far this, we have a decent harvest of soft fruit. I just picked the bowlful (above) and seem to be gathering the same quantity almost daily. And today... today, we will be erecting the fruit cage, 5 metres by 5, which arrived yesterday. Should be easier than the polytunnel ( and needs to be. The quicker we get this up, the quicker we can get the nets off the strawberries and stop fretting about the birds' assault on the raspberries, which are just starting to take off.

On the work front, I have dug deep, worked some very long days and produced Chapter 1 of the sci-fi novel. My target is 1000 words a day, and I should get to 4000 today, my fourth on the case. Our hero has gone hang-gliding, high above the New Mexico desert - foolish boy - and has unfortunately ben sacrificed: a nasty crash which will affect his brain so badly that they (the geeks) will try out some new mind-reading gizmo on him. Meanwhile, his wife is hanging out with a bunch of latter-day Luddites in a mountain shack - and, yes, she's having an affair with their grizzled leader. Goodness knows what'll happen next, or how it will all pan out, but so far it's fun. Very hard work, but fun.  

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