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Monday, 26 August 2013

Autumn colours already? No, just the effect of a very peaty river.



We were waiting for the rest of our hiking party to show up. We stood on the wooden bridge and  remarked that we’d never seen the river looking that peaty. I thought it looked like coffee. A. corrected me. Hobgoblin, she said, referring to a very tasty dark beer that never lasts five minutes in our house. I decided to take a quick snap of the leaves reflected in the golden brown water; that’s the result.

This is a brief posting. I still haven't finished my day's writing, and in half an hour the weekend's big game - Manchester United v Chelsea  - will kick off.  Yes, I am nervy. Of course I am. Having been a Chelsea supporter for 46 years I can take most things in my stride. But defeat to that lot? I still hate it. I'll settle for a  lucky 1-1 draw.


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