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Monday, 7 July 2014

Print On Demand: it ain't easy.

Not the red house - but this old homestead does feature in the book

I don’t suppose most people take as long as I have over preparing a manuscript for publication, but I have had a lot of balls in the air, if I may use that rather indelicate metaphor. Some weeks ago, having received a proof copy of The Red House on the Niobrara from amazon/Create Space, I decided to employ a highly professional copy editor, Joan Deitch. She discovered a number of horrors and had good advice about the general look of the thing. I made all the recommended amendments.

It was only when I tried to submit the new pfd (Adobe file) to Create Space that I realised my biggest mistake – namely, not going through this before submitting. (One lives and learns….) Every time I pressed SUBMIT my new manuscript was rejected, and in the end I had to put it aside, stay focussed on the (other) jobs in hand and wait for a calm moment.

This weekend I tried going back to the very first pfd file, only making such amendments as did not affect the actual lay-out. I corrected typos, substituted single inverted commas for double, etc etc, and left everything else alone. When it came to submitting, trust me, I was a quivering wreck. But lo, upon initial inspection it was seen to be good, and next morning there was the email confirming that I hadn’t screwed up. I have now ordered a new proof copy, which should be with me on Wednesday.

Once that arrives, and always assuming it is in good shape, I can actually put the hard copy up for sale. I have to think about this, because when you sell direct from amazon the net income is really not much to shout about. I can retain a far greater share of the  cove price if I buy a bunch and mail them out from here.

When I’ve okayed the latest proof I shall set out the prices and put up a mail order address.
I still miss those Panhandle skies

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