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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Taking to the skies - and New Mexico

I fly out to the States in four days' time. By Sunday - if the good Lord wills it and the creeks don't rise- I shall bed down in the casita, or little house, in the historic town of Taos, northern New Mexico, where I'm due to stay for the following ninety days. While I do have a plan for the writing I wish to do there I am prepared for surprises. I visited Taos once, thirty years ago, when I lived in the Land of Enchantment as an undergraduate. I am braced for a stunning visual and cultural experience.

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  1. Wish I can go there also this year..
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  2. can't wait to got here also this year.... :)

  3. One of my dreams is to ride in this hot air balloon, i just want to know what it feels when you're riding in this

  4. I love watching hot air balloon, thanks for updating your new web address blog

  5. I love to ride in a hot-air balloon


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