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Friday, 27 February 2015

Me and My Big Mouth

I can’t say my primary school headmaster didn’t spell it out to me, over fifty years ago. ‘Pride goeth before a fall,’ he said – and he was looking at me. (I think he got that Biblical quotation slightly wrong, but the message stayed with me – blast him.)

So what was I saying the other day, about the glorious sunshine… and going on Facebook to have a cheap laugh at the expense of the folk back home?


Ha. This is the sixth consecutive grey day, the second in a row that I’ve woken up to find six fresh inches of snow – and they’re forecasting a similar amount over the next twenty-four hours.

I don’t mind it at all. I don’t mind sitting in the little porch (above) to get a wifi signal -  even on a morning like this when it’s 16 F (-9 C). It lends drama to the business of being a visiting writer, more colourful recollections to take home. And more than anything else it stops me from getting distracted by those mountains and forests that surround us. Right now there’s very little a guy can do but sit home and work – and it’s paying off, big time. It’s looking as though I may well complete the thing I came here to write within the next two weeks.

However… pride… and falls. I’ll say no more – just upload a picture of the snow as it was a few days ago:


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  1. Looks lovely. And the area needs the moisture in the ground and you your butt on the chair. Glad the writing is going well.


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