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Monday, 28 September 2015

Lunar Eclipse, Cerrillos, New Mexico

This is in parentheses, as it were. I only heard about the lunar eclipse when we picked up Sunday's Albuquerque newspaper. We were due to drive up to Santa Fe in any case, so we packed a picnic  and took the slow route, around the east side of the Sandia mountains, along the Turquoise Trail via the old mining towns of Golden and Madrid. At Cerrillos we drove into the State Park, hiked up to a convenient hilltop, ate our food and waited.

We stayed up there for a couple of hours, until the moon was completely obscured by the earth's shadow - then realised that we really should have brought a flashlight with us. Scrambling back down the hillside with our back-packs in near-total darkness wasn't the best fun, but we made it.

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  1. Great pics, bringing back lots of memories. Mind your step!


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