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Monday, 5 October 2015

A Stranger Rode in Along the Canyon...the Canyon de Chelly

Yesterday we had our second western riding trip, along the Canyon de Chelly, formerly home to a number of Anasazi settlements some 800-1200 years ago, later a stronghold - and farming settlement - of the Navajo. Today, although a National Monument, it is within the confines of the huge Navajo tribal reservation.

We booked a three-hour ride, which took us from the entry to the canyon, just across from where we were camped, to the junction of its two arms. These are the main canyon and the Canyon de Muerto, named for the deaths that occurred in a battle with the Spanish in 1805.

Most of these photos were taken by Alyson. Every time I took the lens-cap off, Birdie - that's the horse I was riding - spooked. She even got excited if she caught sight of my shadow making a strange movement, like touching my hat or pointing at a petroglyph. As for snapping a shot of the view - well, here's what happened.

I have a lot more scenic shots of the Canyon, but they will have to wait. We've just arrived in Tucson, Arizona, and are off up the mountains early tomorrow for a three-day horse-ride.

So here's a parting shot of a novice horseman taking his mount back to the stables.

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