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Monday, 13 February 2017

A Fall tour of Nebraska

Australia is on my mind, of course; as is the launch of the novel (Cody, The Medicine Man and Me) at the beginning of April. But I wanted to give advance notice of a trip I'll be making to Nebraska at the end of September. How could I not? It is, after all, 150 years since the achievement of statehood. I've been planning this for some time, and now the pieces are beginning to slot into place.

I have several speaking engagements lined up. On September 30th I will be giving a talk at the Mari Sandoz Conference in Chadron entitled 'Getting in Touch with Mari Sandoz'. It'll be based around my experiences in the Red House (2011) and how that time alone in the Sandhills deepened my appreciation of this great author's work, the bonds that tied her to a remarkable landscape.

In addition, I have a return date at the Willa Cather Memorial Foundation in Red Cloud (provisionally Thursday 12th October), and two others that will open up new territory as far as I'm concerned. Since I joined the Nebraska Writers Guild, some time ago, I have forged some helpful links. Now they have invited me to address their Fall Conference, in Aurora, some time over the two days 20-21 October.

Finally, on Weds 18th October, I will be giving a luncheon address to the 150 or so delegates at the State Tourism office's conference in Omaha.

In between there will be a handful of talks at various libraries across the state. I'll have more details as the year unfolds.

'Amen rays', Cherry County

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