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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Whoops! I Almost Forgot. Got a New Book Out Today.

I've been so wrapped up in the revisions of Chasing Black Gold that it escaped my attention. Today saw the publication of the Mike Pannett book I was working on earlier in the year.

It's quite shocking to realise how relaxed one can become about a new book. This is somewhere close to my twentieth - and there's another thing: I'm losing count. Too busy to tot them up. I never thought that that would happen.

I think it's a good read. I've tried to evoke the atmosphere of the childhood adventures I had in the 1950s, and apply them to Mike's memories of the 1970s. And, as with all the Now Then, Lad series, it's the feel-good factor we're after. Whatever happens, there's always a safe place to end up in, and a good meal waiting.

It's available from good bookstores, and of course amazon. Give it a try.

Yes, this is one very fuzzy image. When I get my free author copies in the mail I'll take a picture and replace it.


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