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Thursday, 18 May 2017

The kind of review you hope for

I'm slowly starting to get a review or two for my new novel, Cody, The Medicine Man and Me (click on the picture, right). And this one cheered me immensely. The reviewer had delved beneath the surface narrative and thought about what I was trying to say under the cloak of the story.

"This book's weaving of historical, mythical and contemporary 'Westerns' is highly entertaining, but also a very touching reflection on loss, and the consolations of the imagination in a boy's mind. It vividly evoked in me the 'bendy' reality of being 12, when what I had last read was at least as real as the day to day. The fluidity of that experience is beautifully reflected by the inflections of 'cowboy' language drifting through the remembered boys' speech, and the dry, kind tone of the man's recollection. The book is also very funny, and it takes real authorial nerve to set up a showdown in Last Gasp Gulch and make it persuasive!"


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