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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Sherlock the Musical update

The new flyer is keeping my spirits up as I plough through yet another rendition of the script..

I have a huge long list of tasks to attend to, and we are due to move house shortly; but Sherlock The Musical is eating up my time. It's an exciting project, but boy is it tough.

I suppose I was being naïve - or rather forgetful, because I have written drama before - to imagine that my first draft script, or my second, or my third, might bring me to within sight of a conclusion. No chance.

Integrating the dramatic script with the music, dance and songs is proving to be a hugely complicated job. It is a thrilling ride, but - rather as I felt the time my daughters persuaded me onto the big wheel at Hull Fair - I keep asking myself when the hell it will end.

We open November 7th in Koln. 

I am working, and working well, I think, with song-writer and composer Steve Nobles, late of Texas, now of Koln ( And, after a two-day session this week, I now have to return to my tattered, all but shredded version of the script and piece it together around some song ideas he is working on. We have brewed up some fine dramatic moments, and have just about managed to make all the characters interesting in some way.

So today, World Cup Final day, with the sun blazing down, I will attempt to make sense of page after page of scribbled notes and put a shine on a script that is slowly turning into a thing of beauty.

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